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FEB. 5, 2024

What is COSENA?

The president has convened the National Security Council to take measures on the security situation.

President Gabriel Boric announced last week that he had convened the National Security Council (COSENA).

“I want everyone to know and be very clear that defeating crime, violent crimes, drug trafficking and the proliferation of firearms are priorities for my government. All security and public order institutions, the entire State, are working to take away space and ground from those who endanger our community. (…) For this reason, I have decided to convene the National Security Council, COSENA,” Gabriel Boric, President of Chile.

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What is COSENA?

COSENA is a body led by the president, whose purpose is to advise the head of state on matters related to national security.

Review the strategy to fight violent crimes.

The National Security Council is made up of the country’s leading authorities, including the president, the presidents of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, the president of the Supreme Court, the commanders in chief of the Army, Navy and Air Force, the general director of Carabineros (uniformed police service) and the General Comptroller of the Republic.

Ministers of state can also be invited to take part, in specific cases determined by the president.

COSENA is regulated by Articles 106 and 107 of Chapter XII of the Constitution.