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FEB. 3, 2024

Responsible traveler: Find out everything you need to know about traveling abroad

The Foreign Affairs Ministry has provided a series of recommendation to consider for your trip.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry has provided a series of important recommendations for all those traveling abroad, especially during this summer season.

Remember to follow them and comply with all protocols to avoid any problems on your trip, whether leaving or arriving at your destination.

Recommendations before traveling abroad

Consider taking out travel insurance to help you in case of accidents and/or illness.

Check whether you require a visa for your stopovers and/or destination.

Check the validity of your passport and/or identity card.

Find out what documents you require to travel.

Review the health measures and requirements of your destination and stopovers.

Recommendations during travel abroad

Respect the place you visit. Each country has different customs and legislation.

Take care of your luggage. Never accept packages from strangers.

Find out about any products or substances prohibited in the destination country.

Go to the nearest Chilean consulate in case you lose your documentation.

What can Chilean consulates do?


Provide provisional travel documents in case of loss or theft to allow you to return to Chile.

Contact your family in case of accident or death.

Provide guidance if you have legal problems and ensure due process.


Assume expenses for hospitalization, lawyers, finances or repatriation.

Intervene before the country’s decision to deny you entry.

Get involved in other states’ affairs or procedures.

Carry out procedures with banks, hotels and other entities.

For more information, please visit www.consulado.gob.cl/.