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SEPT. 25, 2019

President Piñera highlights the importance of a peaceful solution to the Venezuela crisis: “We need to end this regime”

The President met with leaders and representatives from the American continent to address the political and humanitarian crisis in Venezuela.

On Wednesday, President Sebastián Piñera attended a meeting to analyze the complex situation of Venezuela together with the leaders of the United States, Colombia, Panama, Ecuador and El Salvador and representatives of all the countries of mainland South America. The participants reaffirmed their commitment to solving the crisis impacting the South American nation.

The President stated that Nicolas Maduro’s regime is corrupt and that his dictatorship must be ended. He also said that it has caused an extraordinarily serious political, economic, social and humanitarian crisis for the Venezuelan people.

“Maduro is part of the problem and will never be part of the solution. We need to end this regime,” President Piñera said during the meeting, which was called by US President Donald Trump and was also attended by representatives of Venezuela to the OAS.

The President reiterated his commitment to democracy and stated that a transitional government must be installed to rebuild Venezuela and that free, open and transparent elections must be held so that the Venezuelan people can decide their own future.

“The entire Latin American community and perhaps the entire world must make it clear that Maduro is having a huge impact on all Latin American countries,” he said.

“The final conclusion must be that we have to do everything possible to ensure that this regime does not continue,” President Piñera added.

One of the focus areas that the President identified for Chile’s participation in the 74 th UN General Assembly is the defense of democracy, freedoms and human rights in Latin America.

During his speech at the United Nations, President Piñera stated that the main challenge facing Latin America and its main commitment is to end dictatorships that do not respect human rights or freedoms. The President said that Venezuela’s inhabitants are in danger and have been forced to leave their country due to a lack of opportunities.