JULY 28, 2023

Chile is now home to the second largest electric bus fleet in the world

The Minister of Transportation announced that Chile now has 2,000 buses of this type, which represents 31% of the capital's fleet.

Chile has reached a new milestone in electromobility. Its capital city reports that its RED System now has 2,000 electric buses which represent 31% of the total fleet.

The news was announced by Minister of Transportation Juan Carlos Muñoz, who explained that Greater Santiago has positioned itself as the city outside China with the largest number of electric buses.

Muñoz also explained that 12 electroterminals have been installed in the first half of the year alone, bringing the system total to 23.

The system’s most powerful electroterminal was unveiled today. It will serve 184 electric buses that are part of 13 services that cover the eastern part of the city.

"This is another example of positive change. The community welcomes this type of terminal, which will be installed at strategic points across the city.  Unlike the old terminals, these units generate very little noise and environmental pollution. Local residents very much appreciate this," said Minister Muñoz.

Key information

The largest overhaul of the RED system to be implemented in recent years began in December 2022. One of its main goals was to have 2 out of every 3 buses in the system comply with the new standard, i.e., be electric or meet Euro VI standards.

Today, Red Movilidad has 4,260 high standard buses in service, which means that we have surpassed that goal. Of these, 2,411 are ecological or Euro VI buses and 1,849 are electric buses.

The capital city’s transportation has contributed to efforts to reduce  environmental and noise pollution levels through this process. According to studies conducted by the Ministry of the Environment in 2022, 60% of users and 75% of drivers report that noise levels have decreased.