MARCH 13, 2023

We hand over the first permanent home to family in Galvarino who lost their house in the forest fires

The house is completely factory-built, which decreases construction time by up to 40% and generated less waste. It also has thermal insulation. 

Housing Minister Carlos Montes handed over the first permanent home to a family in the municipality of Galvarino, in La Araucanía region, who lost their house in the forest fires that have affected the area. 

The beneficiaries were the family of Mrs. Silvia Lincón Painenao, who received the keys to their new permanent home in record time. The house was completely factory-built, the main advantages of which are a reduction in construction time by up to 40%, the generation of less waste and better quality control. It also has thermal insulation and complies with all regulations. 

The housing minister stated, “President Gabriel Boric said that we will not hang these people out to dry, and we are working on it. We are working at full speed to rebuild houses for the areas affected by the forest fires.” 

Minister Montes added, “a few weeks ago, I pointed out that, as far as possible, the permanent housing managed by the Housing Ministry is catching up with the temporary or emergency housing provided by the National Disaster Prevention and Response Service (SENAPRED). Today, we have achieved it, and we are delivering this high-standard factory-built housing. This technology shortens construction times and provides a high level of quality. It is one of the areas of the Housing Emergency Plan, which has been developed to collaborate in this tragedy. We are taking charge seriously and efficiently, and we hope to move forward at full speed.” 

Characteristics of the house 
  • Area of 61.09 m2. 
  • Concrete foundations, steel framing, covered with galvanized steel sheets. 
  • Thermal insulation, covered with 140 mm wool, wooden interiors, double-glazed PVC windows. 
  • All sanitary installations, private sewage system, internal drinking water system, electricity, wood stove with water heater. 
  • The house has two bedrooms, a bathroom, living-dining room and kitchen. 
  • The project includes construction of a 23.6 m2 greenhouse, in order to aid the recovery of production in affected communities.