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FEB. 3, 2020

Science Ministry launches a participatory process to contribute to developing the National Artificial Intelligence Policy

The terms, conditions and documents to take part in this process can be downloaded at minciencia.gob.cl/PolíticaIA.

The Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation Ministry today launched a process to collect the vision, perceptions, opinions and concerns of people and organizations regarding the use and development of Artificial Intelligence in Chile. This information will contribute to preparing the National Artificial Intelligence Policy, which will be published in July.

The work to define the guidelines governing the use of this technology in Chile began in September 2019, and citizens can now actively participate in the debate on its legal, ethical, social and financial consequences, in order to ensure that it focuses on benefiting society.

The Science Ministry is therefore inviting people and organizations from civil society, academia and industry to meet, discuss and address the three areas already defined for the development of this policy: (1) Enabling factors; (2) Development of AI and its applications; (3) Its ethical, regulatory, social and financial aspects.

A document has been published to guide discussions and help participants to capture their conclusions or important features of their discussions. Furthermore, people or organizations who wish to make an individual contribution to this policy may do so by preparing recommendations, which will also be received during this process.

The information collected at this stage, together with relevant national and international evidence, will be used to prepare the policy. The terms, conditions and documents to take part in this process can be downloaded from the following link: minciencia.gob.cl/PolíticaIA.


Citizen participation in regional AI seminars

Accordingly, the Science Ministry and the National Research and Development Agency will hold several seminars on Artificial Intelligence from March to June in every region of Chile. 

These meetings will include presentations by experts, entrepreneurs and academics involved in the use and development of this technology. They will also include opportunities for stakeholders from different sectors to discuss the issues raised, with the aim of generating valuable contributions to the draft policy document.