JUNE 3, 2024

Reactivation underway: New waterfront promenade inaugurated in Coquimbo

The site had suffered serious damage following the 2016 earthquake and subsequent tsunami.


The city of Coquimbo began the day with some good news, the inauguration of the city's new waterfront promenade, a project that involved an investment of 5.4 billion Chilean pesos. The inauguration was attended by the Public Works Minister, Jessica López.

The project, carried out at a focal point of tourism in Coquimbo, contemplated the construction of:

✅ Retaining Walls

✅ Coastal protective rockfill

✅ Pedestrian access routes

✅ Bike paths

✅ Urban furniture

✅ Luminaire

 ✅ Exercise Machines

It should be remembered that the work on the water front was carried out because it was heavily damaged by the 2016 earthquake and subsequent tsunami.

We are delivering projects to the public that are designed precisely for the benefit of the entire Coquimbo community and also of many tourists who come here and will be able to enjoy it. We have achieved high-level urban recovery, with renovated spaces for pedestrians, cyclists and an important focus on the protection of citizens", Jessica López, Public Works Minister.

It is important to note that in the Coquimbo Region, the Public Works Ministry had to terminate five contracts early as the companies had encountered economic difficulties, and to date it has already been possible to resume three of these projects: the waterfront of Coquimbo (recently delivered), the replacement of the first Coquimbo Fire Company headquarters and the Early Stimulation Center for children with Down syndrome in La Serena.

In addition, we should add that last Thursday (May 30) the tender to complete the replacement works of the San Antonio de la Villa school in Ovalle was published.

These are great news and symbolize the country's economic reactivation as well as showing how we have been able to regain momentum in infrastructure construction for the country's social and productive development.