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MARCH 13, 2022

President of Chile at event in La Pintana: “We want to recover security and end the segregation that has been so damaging, in order to live better”

The activity, part of the change of government, was attended by more than 1,300 local residents, who enjoyed a diverse cultural program in Mapuhue Park. 

The President of Chile, Gabriel Boric, and his partner, Irina Karamanos, participated this morning in a cultural event attended by more than 1,300 local residents and officials in Mapuhue Park, in Santiago’s La Pintana district. Different ministers and undersecretaries also attended the activity, as well as the municipal mayor, Claudia Pizarro.   

“Today, neighbors, we’ve seen different cultural expressions, which have been beautiful, expressions of popular cultural, of a world that produced Violeta Parra, all her brothers and sisters, Gabriela Mistral, so many men and women who have formed the soul of our country and that vitality that isn’t only part of the past but is very present here and now,” the President stated. He added, “you can see it, you felt it. Were you excited today? It’s exciting to see how culture springs up from everywhere.” 

The event included payadores (people who improvise a traditional style of verse), poets, cuecas (Chile’s national dance), and artists like MC Millaray and Gepe. It closed with a performance by Illapu. 

During his speech, President Boric addressed those present, reminding them that he and part of his cabinet are “part of a generation that a couple of years ago said loud and clear that they wanted to change things. Here we are and we’ll keep moving with you, with the women, children and teenagers of La Pintana, with diverse groups, with senior citizens, for the right to live and walk your streets without fear.” 

“For that to be possible in Chile, we’re going to need everyone. We have to believe what we say, to feel that it’s possible to live in a different and better country,” he added. 

Finally, the President greeted the victims of serious crimes present at the activity, stating, “you’re not alone. We want to recover security and end the segregation that has been so damaging, in order to live better.”