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SEPT. 7, 2023

Commitment: To democracy, always

The document signed by former presidents is a call to protect memory. 

The Communications Department of the Presidency has released the document “Commitment: To democracy, always” to the Chilean and international press. It has been signed by President Gabriel Boric Font, and former presidents Eduardo Frei Ruiz-Tagle, Ricardo Lagos Escobar, Michelle Bachelet Jeria and Sebastián Piñera Echenique. 

The document has been released on the anniversary of “50 years of the violent collapse of democracy in Chile that cost the lives, dignity and freedom of so many people from Chile and other countries.” 

President Gabriel Boric and his predecessors commit to protecting and defending democracy; facing challenges with greater democracy, condemning violence; making the defense and promotion of human rights a shared value; and strengthening spaces for collaboration between states. 

Finally, the document makes a call to protect “memory, because it is the anchor of the democratic future that our people demand.”