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Ministry of Education

The Chilean Education Ministry is the government body responsible for promoting development at all levels of education through a high-quality, humanist, democratic education that is open to the world. It stimulates scientific and technological research, artistic creation, as well as the protection and expansion of the nation’s cultural heritage. Likewise, the institution is called to safeguard the rights of all students at both public and private institutions.

Raúl Figueroa


Mr. Figueroa holds a Law Degree from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and a Master’s Degree in Business Law from Universidad de Los Andes. He taught Commercial Law at the Universidad Católica and Universidad Andrés Bello Law Schools and Introduction to Law at the Universidad del Desarrollo’s School of Economics.

He is the founder and Executive Director of Acción Educar, a research center that seeks to contribute to the discussion of education public policies with a quality system that recognizes and protects the diversity of education projects and the transparency of the system. Mr. Figueroa was the Chief of the Judicial Directorate and Chief of Advisors of the Education Ministry between 2010 and 2014.

He has advised water user organizations and important energy development companies, agriculture companies, real estate developers and construction firms. He has experience in managing civil disputes both extrajudicially and before regular and arbitration courts. He was a member of the National Chamber of Commerce Judicial Committee.

Mr. Figueroa is married and has five children.

María José Castro


Ms. Castro holds a Degree in Basic General Education from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and a Master’s Degree in Applied Philosophy from Universidad de los Andes. Her professional experience includes over 25 years in different educational institutions, 15 years of teaching and over ten years in school administration and leadership.

In 2007, she joined the SIP School Network, an institution created by 18 subsidized private schools, where she held various positions. Between 2011 and 2018 she was the General Pedagogy Coordinator for SIP, leading a team of 45 educational advisors.

In 2015 she was appointed a permanent member of the Curricular Development Working Group organized by the Education Ministry, which ended with the submission of the report “Recommendations for a National Curricular Development Policy.”

Ms. Castro is married and has five children.

Jorge Poblete


Civil Industrial Engineer, Universidad Católica

Undersecretary Poblete worked at Santiago City Hall from 2002 to 2006. He was responsible for implementing public infrastructure in order to improve security and neighborhood health centers. He later joined the private sector, working to rebuild schools that were severely damaged in the 2010 earthquake.

As Head of the General Education Division during the first administration of President Sebastián Piñera, he led the Shared Support Plan in 2010. The initiative fostered collaborative efforts among students, schools and the Ministry to support teaching for Grades 1 through 4 and to increase student success in Chile’s national education test, the SIMCE . 

As Director of the National Board for Student Aid and Scholarships (JUNAEB) in 2012, he focused on improving the institution’s internal management and won the Institutional Excellence Award granted annually by the Senior Public Management System three consecutive times.

He served as General Manager of Le Grand Chic, a company focused on mining with a strong emphasis on safety, social responsibility and care for the environment, until March 2020.

Juan Eduardo Vargas

Higher Education Undersecretary

Mr. Vargas holds a business degree from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and a master’s in Philosophy from Universidad de Navarra

During President Sebastián Piñera’s first administration, he served as counselor to the Education Ministry.

As of March 2018, he held the position of chief of the Higher Education Division of the Education Ministry, responsible for the implementation of the Higher Education Undersecretariat.