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Jaime de Aguirre Höffa's portrait
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Jaime de Aguirre Höffa


Jaime de Aguirre is a professional with studies in law, journalism and music. He has more than 30 years of experience in the world of communications, from audio-visual production and creation to the executive management of Chile’s most important media outlets.

In recent years, he was executive director at Chilevisión and Televisión Nacional de Chile, where he also served as director of programming, a position that he similarly occupied at Canal 13.

As director of programming at TVN, he contributed to repositioning the state channel following the return to democracy. During his time at Chilevisión, he was in charge of the channel’s comprehensive reorganization process, taking it to the top of the ratings.


Andrea Gutiérrez Vásquez's portrait

Andrea Gutiérrez Vásquez


Andrea Gutiérrez Vásquez is a playwright, actress, teacher and cultural manager with a master’s degree in government and society from the Universidad Alberto Hurtado. She is author of the “Violencia de   en contexto laboral de actrices y escritoras (Gender violence in labor context of actresses and writers)” research and member of the Chilean Actresses Network (RACH).

She was president of the Actors Union, SIDARTE, between 2013 and 2017, and president of the International Federation of Actors for Latin America from 2016-2017.

Carolina Pérez Dattari's portrait

Carolina Pérez Dattari


Carolina Pérez Dattari holds a Bachelor of Letters and a Degree in Social Sciences and Humanities from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. She also holds a Master’s in Power, Participation and Social Change from the University of Sussex, United Kingdom. 

She previously worked as an advisor in the Presidential Cabinet, and before that she advised members of the Constitutional Convention and the National Congress. She was also coordinator of the Libraries, Archives and Museums Department’s (DIBAM) National Citizen Participation Unit. 

Carolina Pérez Dattari is a specialist in issues of citizen participation, power and social change. She has worked in coordination with libraries, museums, archives and the National Monuments Council on different projects related to heritage protection and conservation.