Tourists - Ley de Residencia y Permanencia

What I must know if I am a tourist

Effective from August 1, 2018, the Chilean Investigative Police will request you to fill in the Single Form (FUI) for Entry into Easter Island at the airport and ports of the continent.

Learn about the SERNATUR-authorized accommodations

Traveling requirements


To have a round trip ticket.

Identification document

Identity card, passport or other suitable travel document.


Reservation in a SERNATUR-authorized accommodation for tourists or a letter of invitation written by a resident or person belonging to the Rapa Nui people delivered by the Governorship. In both cases, place of stay must be accredited.

Maximum term of permanence

Any Chilean or foreign person who enters Easter Island may stay for up to 30 days

(In case of force majeure or an Act of God, the stay may be extended for the necessary time, both for the person involved and his/her companions).