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[ARCHIVO] Government reaches historic level in conservation: Over 1 million square kilometers of marine protected areas

Oceans cover most of our planet and are one of the most important sources of life. But overfishing, water pollution and the destruction of the habitats of endangered species threaten the survival of this marvelous natural resource.

In her most recent national address, President Michelle Bachelet noted the new ocean protection areas, which represent an irreversible step towards protecting and conserving the oceans for future generations:

“With their creation, Chile will reach the historic level of over one million square kilometers of completely protected ocean and will position itself as a global leader in marine conservation,” the President said on June 1.

Following the indigenous consultation, 700,000 square kilometers of marine protected areas in Easter Island were added to the nation’s current total, which also includes 300,000 square kilometers in Nazca Desventuradas Marine Park and 12,000 square kilometers in the Juan Fernández Islands.

The consultation, which was conducted for the first time in our country, respected the will of the Rapa Nui people to protect ancestral use of the sea and their fishing customs. This is part of the government’s commitment to engage in collaborative and respectful work with our nation’s communities.

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