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Frequently Asked Questions

It is a fundamental set of rules which mandates all the other laws and State powers and institutions. The Constitution defines the “rules of the game” of our democracy.

A Constitution is important for several reasons:

  • It regulates and organizes life in society.
  • It establishes our rights and duties.
  • It declares the principles that govern the functioning of the institutions.
  • It recognizes and guarantees our basic rights.
  • It says what public organizations can do and how they should proceed when responding to people’s needs.
  • It limits and frames the powers of the authorities: what they can and cannot do and how they can improve people’s lives.
  • It establishes the mechanisms and spaces for people to participate in political life.

Constitutions are not rigid. They must adapt to societies that are in constant change. In Chile, we have had seven constitutions and four constitutional regulations over the course of our history.

Voting will be MANDATORY and your polling place will be near your home.