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Súmate a la Economía Circular

Corporación de Fomento de la Producción

Centro de Economía Circular Macrozona Norte

Corporación de Fomento de la Producción

Designación de asesor económico de insolvencias

Superintendencia de Insolvencia y Reemprendimiento

Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism

The Economy Ministry’s mission is to promote the modernization and competitiveness of Chile’s industrial structure; private initiative and market efficiency; innovation, and the fu...

José Ramón Valente
Economy Minister announces new reduction in boarding taxes as of July

The measure will imply an additional 10% reduction in the cost of current boarding taxes for domestic

April 2, 2019
In La Araucanía, President Piñera launches agenda to boost Chile’s economy

The agenda includes additional funds for public works, including highways, ports, airports and reservoirs

Aug. 21, 2019
President Piñera promotes measures to revitalize the economy and encourage development

The President participated this Friday in a seminar during which he emphasized the importance of reducing

March 15, 2019
President Bachelet: “Foreign investment plays an important role in a globally open economy like Chile’s”

The law enacted by President Bachelet this morning, which will strengthen the institutional framework

June 16, 2015
Treasury Minister on January’s economic activity index (Imacec): “This confirms that the economy is regaining momentum”

Alberto Arenas noted that “for the second consecutive month we can say that economic activity has surprised

March 5, 2015
President Piñera condemns collusion: “Free competition is essential to the proper functioning of a market economy

The President addressed the topic on Friday after the Free Competition Tribunal sanctioned three companies

March 1, 2019
President Bachelet appoints Productivity Commission: “We know how to revive the economy while protecting people’s wellbeing and rights”

The President also announced that Chile will host the next OECD Ministerial meeting and will propose

July 8, 2015
President Piñera highlights the strength of the Chilean economy: "Investment and productivity have become an engine stimulating growth"

In the annual breakfast marking Chilean Chamber of Construction (CChC) week, the President emphasized

May 9, 2019
President Piñera at the G20 leaders summit in Japan: "Growing protectionism weakens the global economy, trade and investment and harms all countries"

Addressing the Heads of State and Presidents of the G20 member countries, including Donald Trump of the

June 28, 2019
José Ramón Valente

Mr. Valente holds an undergraduate degree in Economics from Universidad de Chile and an MBA from Chicago

Treasury Minister highlights Central Bank’s positive figures that confirm 4% growth in 2018

“These figures show the significant recovery of the Chilean economy.

March 18, 2019
Chile signs commitment to prevent plastics from becoming waste

Foreign Affairs Minister, Roberto Ampuero, signed the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment as part of the Our Ocean Conference in Bali, Indonesia.

Oct. 30, 2018
Government announces 20% decrease in boarding fees

The measure, which was announced this morning by Economy Minister José Ramón Valente, involves a gradual decrease that will be introduced in three stages, ending in 2020.

Aug. 29, 2018
Ministry of Finance

mission is to efficiently manage public resources, as a modern state at the service of its citizenry, creating stable, transparent and competitive conditions that promote sustainable, inclusive gro...

Felipe Larraín
Marco Antonio Díaz

Díaz has a Degree in Law from Universidad Católica del Norte and holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the Faculty of Business and Economy of Universidad de Chile.

President Piñera launches SME Week: “SMEs are the backbone, soul and spirit of our country”

The President highlighted the contribution this type of company makes to the Chilean economy and emphasized the Government’s commitment to making the SME sector grow and develop.

Nov. 12, 2018
The Government presents the Economic Stimulus Agenda with measures to address the global economic crisis

The measures announced today, together with those already being implemented by the Chilean government in order to boost the Chilean economy, add up to around US$3 billion, This is ...

Aug. 26, 2019
President Bachelet: “We are here to stand with all of those who work hard and move our country forward

During a meeting with micro and small business owners from the Los Lagos Region, the President noted that the government is working to strengthen and diversify the economy, allocat...

Sept. 2, 2015
President Piñera calls for deeper integration of the Pacific Alliance: “This is more necessary now than

Chile took over the Pro Tempore Presidency of the bloc, which also includes Colombia, Mexico and Peru and constitutes the eighth largest economy in the world.

July 6, 2019
President Bachelet receives report from the Presidential Advisory Commission on the Pensions System

The President announced that a ministerial committee involving the Treasury, Employment, National Women’s Service, Economy and Presidency ministries will use the contents of the re...

Sept. 15, 2015
Ministry of Agriculture

The ministry is also responsible for contributing to adding value to agriculture, which includes promoting an agrarian economy based on technology and innovation as well as further...

Antonio Walker

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