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Nuble Region

The institutional mission of the Regional Presidential Delegation is to represent the President of Chile in the implementation of public policies according to his or her government program. It must also foster, oversee and promote the region’s economic, social and cultural development by formulating and executing the budget for regional investment. The region has a total surface area of 13,178.5 km² and is administratively divided into 3 provinces (Diguillín, Punilla and Itata) and 21 districts. The regional capital is the city of Chillán.

Cristóbal Jardúa

Presidential Delegate Ñuble Region

Cristóbal Jardúa has a law degree from Universidad Pedro de Valdivia as well as a diploma in municipal law from Universidad Central in Santiago.

He was a supervisor in the Control Directorate of the Municipality of San Carlos as well as attorney-secretary of the Parral Local Police Court. Jardúa also led the Neighborhood Justice project in the municipalities of Parral and Chillán.

He served as ministerial delegate of the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications before becoming the regional secretary in the same ministry. After that, he worked as the regional secretary of the Ministry of Public Works (SEREMI).

21 Municipalities