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AUG. 20, 2022

Would you like to volunteer at the Pan American and Parapan American Games? We need 17,000 people

The Santiago Volunteer Program 2023 took place this Saturday for the most important multisport event to be held in the history of Chile. 

The launch of the Santiago Volunteer Program 2023 took place this Saturday at the Parque de la Familia in Quinta Normal. The program seeks to bring together 17,000 people for the largest sporting event to be held in the history of Chile. 

Registration to start the application process can be done through the program’s official website. Those who are interested must accept the terms and conditions set out in the form. 

Those selected will be contacted by the people in charge of each area to participate in group and/or individual interviews to find out about their talents. General and introductory training will then be given to those selected in the interview process so that they can participate in the games. 

Sports Minister Alexandra Benado indicated, “we need everyone in order to achieve the games par excellence that we want. We have a goal of 17,000 people that we need to bring together as volunteers. I have no doubt that all Chileans are going to be part of these games, the most wonderful in history.” 

Minister Secretary General of the Presidency Giorgio Jackson made a call at the event for people to sign up. “Many of us have volunteered at some point. In my case, I was even a ball boy at some tennis tournaments, and the truth is, you feel part of the event and afterwards you can tell it as a story, and also experience the possibility of having a powerful cultural exchange.”  


Volunteers will fulfil operational roles in 28 areas, which will be carried out in sporting and non-sporting venues, collaborating with the staff team in charge there. Volunteers will carry out roles such as accompanying the delegations and Olympic committees, supporting transport and food for the different participants at the event, helping spectators and providing information, participating in the award ceremonies, and supporting communications and the translation team. 

It is important to note that Santiago 2023 is committed to inclusive volunteering, and we therefore intend for 1% of volunteers to be people with disabilities. 10% of the total number of volunteers will be required for working in the regional headquarters. 

Equipment and schedules 

Volunteers will be provided with a uniform, food, accident insurance, general and specific training, and certification. Transport is being specially organized for venues that are difficult to access. Ticketing has not yet been determined, and options are being reviewed in this regard.  

Volunteers will be given work according to their availability. Shifts cannot exceed eight hours a day, with five days working and two days off. 

Between October and November of next year, the sporting mega-event will bring together 7,000 conventional athletes and 2,000 para-athletes from the 41 countries of the American continent. They will compete in 39 Pan American and 17 Parapan American sports, with 61 and 18 disciplines, respectively.