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AUG. 19, 2022

We bring forward payment of the Chile Apoya de Invierno bonus: check if you stand to benefit

The bonus is a contribution of $120,000 Chilean pesos (US$128.40) deposited directly into the accounts of the families that need it most. 

The Social Development and Family Ministry has reported that they will bring forward payment of the Chile Apoya de Invierno (Chile Supports this Winter) bonus for the second group of beneficiaries. 

From Friday, August 19, beneficiaries in the “Securities and Opportunities” group and the 60% most vulnerable on the Social Registry of Households with at least one member who is a child, an adult over 60 years of age, or a person with a disability and/or moderate or severe dependence, will receive payment of the $120,000 peso-bonus directly into their account. 

As an example, a household belonging to the 60% most vulnerable, made up of a mother, father, underage child and older adult, will receive $120,000 for the child (paid to the mother) and $120,000 for the older adult (paid to the older adult), totaling $240,000 (US$256.80). 

The Chile Apoya de Invierno bonus is designed so that families can face the increases in the price of food and basic services. In total, the benefit will be awarded to around 7,500,000 people who are part of state support networks. 

To find out if you are eligible to benefit, visit www.bonoinviernochileapoya.cl and enter your RUT.