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NOV. 11, 2022

Sports Minister presents Corporación Juntos 2030 that will manage the joint bid of four countries for the 2030 World Cup

Football authorities and officials from Chile, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay announced the formation of the body that will develop a roadmap to bring the event to our continent. 

Sports Minister Alexandra Benado, together with the highest football authorities of Chile, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay, and the presidents of each country’s football federations, signed the decree to create Corporación Juntos 2030 (Together 2030 Corporation). The body will formalize the countries’ joint candidacy to host the 2030 World Cup. 

Minister Benado stated that the formalization of this corporation “is an important moment for these four countries, work that has been in development for several years. We have the legitimate right to bid for the 2030 World Cup, not only because of our history, but because the cradle of football is here in South America, with so many tremendously talented players that we have given to the world.” 

The minister explained that “this bid is necessary for our continent, but we also know that it is a bid that brings great responsibility; it is not easy to bid for a FIFA World Cup. Right now, we are writing up the administrative act, which will allow us to establish a private corporation that will provide the legal structure through which we will be able to apply.” 

Minister Benado emphasized that it will be a difficult process, “but we are hopeful that it will have a good outcome. We have to work seriously; we have little time now. In December, the bid process will open, and we will have about a year or ten months to come up with our bid, which is difficult because it requires a lot of things.” 

Characteristics of the Corporación 

Authorities explained during the presentation that took place in the National Stadium that this body: 

  • Must be authorized to receive public and private contributions from any of the four countries involved. 
  • Have legal responsibility to implement a budget and accountability for the resources provided. 
  • Its administration must be independent from governments and sports federations, although it will represent their interests. 
  • The structure of participation will be equal among the participating countries in terms of responsibilities, bid rights, budgets, seats on the Board of Directors and commission management. Distribution has thus been formulated in a way that gives an equal 25% to each country. 

The corporation’s general objective will be to prepare the Bid Book for the 2030 FIFA World Cup, representing the four Member States and the four Federations, and complying with all FIFA requirements for the process. 

Among the specific objectives are: 

  • To represent the interests of the four Member States and the four Football Federations in their bid for the 2030 FIFA World Cup. 
  • To transmit FIFA’s requirements to the Governments and Federations, and assist them in fulfilling the obligations of the process. 
  • To communicate with FIFA in the different stages of the bid process and selection of the event venue. 
  • To develop, manage and execute the agreed budgets for the bid, as well as formulate the corresponding reports. 
  • To hire advisory, consultancy and professional services, and commission studies aimed at fulfilling the corporation’s main objective.  
  • To organize the work of functional commissions and multinational teams to prepare the Bid Book proposal.