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SEPT. 1, 2022

Public Works Ministry rules out water rationing for summer 2023

Public Works Minister Juan Carlos García spoke about Chile’s water situation this morning from the country’s Meteorological Office. He informed that the government is ruling out water rationing for this year and summer of the next. 

“We are here today to announce that after analyzing all the available information concerning temperatures, rainfall, river flow and snowfall, we are in a position to rule out water rationing for spring 2022 and summer 2023,” Minister García stated. 

The minister stressed that this announcement is the result of efforts made by the Public Works Ministry along different lines, including: the control and redistribution of water currently permitted by the water code; the climate change resilience plans imposed by the Superintendency of Sanitary Services (SISS) on drinking water companies; and the infrastructure work that is being developed, which includes the soon-to-be-launched Rural Water Plan. 

The Public Works Minister indicated that, thanks to the intervention work that has taken place redistributing the waters of the Aconcagua River, the goal of filling the Los Aromos Reservoir will be met in the coming days, ensuring drinking water for the population of Greater Valparaíso. He also drew attention to the agreement reached between the Elqui River water board and the SISS for the Coquimbo Region, which has ensured drinking water for Coquimbo and La Serena by filling the Puclaro Reservoir. 

Minister García highlighted that, although this year there has been more rain and snow than the last, “we still cannot relax. In most regions, river flow rates remain below historic averages.” He therefore indicated that the months following March are still uncertain. 

“Despite this good news, we will continue to observe what is going to happen in Chile from March onwards. We will not rest as we work on more and better regulation, investment and monitoring of our country’s waterways. As a government, the human right to water is a priority; so, we will not rest given the current situation. Less will we rely exclusively on rain and snowfall. We will continue to take legislative measures and invest in water infrastructure,” Minister García said. 

Source: Public Works Ministry