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FEB. 15, 2021

President Piñera noted that over two million people in Chile have been vaccinated against COVID-19

Vaccination began on December 24 and the mass vaccination process began on February 3.  To date, 2,092,453 people have been vaccinated.

The President of Chile, Sebastián Piñera, announced on Monday that over two million people in Chile have been vaccinated against COVID-19, as the mass inoculation plan advances throughout the country.

“We are not going to lower our guard, we must move forward.  Our top priority and our Government’s commitment is to protect the health and lives of all of our fellow citizens,” said the President, who thanked all of those who have participated in the process for their commitment. 

To date, 2,092,453 people have received their first dose of the vaccine against COVID-19 and 54,819 have received both.

Senior citizens over the age of 69, as well as teachers and education professionals, began receiving the vaccine on Monday. The plan is to vaccinate the majority of the crucial population, around five million people, during the first quarter and the majority of the country’s target population, around fifteen million people, by June.

“We are progressing with the help and support of everyone, but we cannot let our guard down,” the President concluded.

Vaccination process: more figures

According to data provided by the Department of Statistics and Health Information, Health Minister Enrique Paris reported that up until 5:00 p.m. on Monday, February 15, 239,932 people had been vaccinated.  He added that 1,146,924 people over the age of 69 have participated in the campaign.  Regarding gender, 58.8% of those inoculated were women and 41.2% were men. 

The municipalities of Laguna Blanca (96.6%), Río Verde (56.4%) and Vichuquén (47.7%) lead on a national level with the highest percentage of their target population vaccinated, followed by the municipalities of Cabo de Hornos, Zapallar, Papudo, Timaukel, Vitacura, Providencia and San Gregorio.