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President Piñera launches Virtual Police Station to accept online reports and free Carabineros police up for work related to crime prevention

The new platform,, will allow members of the public to file complaints and reports on their cell phones, computers and other devices. The President also signed a bill to modernize and strengthen law enforcement agencies.

President Piñera launched the Virtual Police Station on Tuesday in the context of the Safe Streets Plan introduced by the government in May. This innovative digital platform allows members of the public to file reports with the Carabineros police through digital technologies, streamlining processes and making the institution’s work more efficient.

“We know how traumatic it can be to experience a crime, and if we add bureaucracy to this, plus the time it takes to file a complaint and submit a report, this is simply a matter of making life easier for our citizens”, President Piñera said at a ceremony held at Plaza de la Constitución. The ceremony was also attended by Interior Minister Andrés Chadwick, Undersecretaries Rodrigo Ubilla and Katherine Martorell, Carabineros Director General Mario Rozas and other officials.

The platform also seeks to increase the professionalism with which complaints are received, enhancing standardization and order. The system will initially accept five types of reports: home abandonment, employment purposes, lost documents or mobile phones and visitation schedules. Together, these matters represent 59% of all processes handled by Carabineros.

“This Virtual Police Station will allow for much more effectiveness in the processing of these reports and complaints”, the President added, stating that the number of procedures that can be handled using the system will be increased during the second stage and it will be capable of taking complaints as well.

Chile’s leader also announced that a bill will be submitted to modernize and strengthen law enforcement and public safety agencies, reinforcing their orientation towards their essential roles with Carabineros as the preventative structure foundation and Policía de Investigaciones de Chile handling investigative work.

President Piñera also reiterated the government’s commitment to fight crime and drug trafficking and noted the progress that has been made in the area of safety. For example, over 3,300 additional Carabineros police officers have been deployed to patrol the streets and the government introduced a law to prevent carjacking, conducted 14 preventative raids that resulted in 61,000 arrests and implemented the TeleSurveillance Plan and the High Risk Funerals Protocol.

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