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President Piñera launches Metro Line 2 extension project: “It will change the lives of hundreds of thousands of Chileans”.

The expansion includes four new stations, will require an investment of US$409.2 million and will benefit 537,000 people. Once it is complete, the Metro network will reach the El Bosque and San Bernardo districts.

On Tuesday, President Sebastián Piñera launched construction on a new Line 2 Metro station in El Bosque as part of the transportation network expansion plan.

“If we improve public transportation, we will offer our people more dignity and more time to spend on the most important things in our lives”, explained the President at the launch of the work on the future station, which is located at the intersection of Padre Hurtado and Observatorio. It will reduce travel time to downtown Santiago by 44%.

The Line 2 extension will add four new stations to the current route spanning 5.2 kilometers and will improve the quality of life of residents of La Cisterna, El Bosque and San Bernardo. The latter two districts currently have no metro service.

The projects will benefit 537,000 people and represent an investment of US$409.2 million.

“This project will change the lives of hundreds of thousands of Chileans”, President Piñera said. He was accompanied by Transportation and Telecommunications Minister Gloria Hutt, Metro President Louis de Grange and Metropolitan Regional Governor Karla Rubilar.

The El Bosque station will benefit approximately 158,000 people and will be used by an estimated 4.8 million passengers per year.

Travel time to the La Cisterna station will be three minutes, which represents a 79% decrease compared to the current public transportation network. It will take 21 minutes to reach the Los Héroes station (44% less) and 34 minutes to get to Vespucio Norte (32% less).

The Metro network currently covers 140 kilometers and has 136 stations and has a presence in 26 districts in the Metropolitan Region. The planned extension of Lines 2, 3, 4 and 6 and construction on Lines 7, 8 and 9 will mean that by 2027 the system will cover 215 kilometers and will have 191 stations, with a presence in 32 districts.

“It is truly a major overhaul of the public transportation system, and one which I believe Chile needed and deserves”, President Piñera stated.

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