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JAN. 29, 2020

President Piñera issues a call for dialog and national unity: “We can think differently while still walking together”

At the opening of the National Business Meeting 2020, the President highlighted the Government’s social agenda focused on better pensions and healthcare. He also announced new, stricter anti-abuse measures and called for an agreement against violence.

President Sebastián Piñera spoke on Wednesday about the events of the last 100 days. He emphasized that, of two different paths, he had chosen the one that promoted agreements to provide better pensions, increased income for the most vulnerable workers, improved quality and access to healthcare and reduced medication prices, among other measures, to support the middle class and most vulnerable sectors of the population.

The President highlighted the commitment to a policy of dialog and agreements so that Chile could continue progressing towards overcoming poverty, achieving development and building a society with greater equality of opportunity.

“Our Government is firmly committed to promoting the path of dialog, agreements and responsibility. We are very sensitive to and aware of a sense of urgency about meeting the needs and legitimate demands of the people,” said the President at the opening of the National Business Meeting.

“We may think differently - and it is good that we do - but we must also learn to walk and build together,” he said.

In his speech, the President reiterated the Government’s commitment to safeguarding and promoting public order and the unrestricted defense of human rights.

President Piñera emphasized that in the next few days he will send to Congress a bill to enable more effective detection and punishment of abuses by businesses, along with monopolistic behavior, collusion, cartels and economic crimes.

“I want to take this opportunity to ask all business owners to go beyond merely upholding the law. Protect your workers and their jobs, respect consumers’ rights, safeguard the environment and treat the communities where you operate fairly. Always keep that innovative, entrepreneurial spirit that enables you to invest, create jobs, generate opportunities and contribute to the wellbeing of all Chileans,” said the President.

At the event, the President valued the constitutional process underway, noting that both options are valid. He asked attendees to avoid focusing just on the procedures and to make progress with discussing the contents of the Constitution. In that sense, the President highlighted the principles of liberty, democracy and rule of law; the separation, independence and transparency of the powers of the State; the value of life and family; equality of rights and responsibilities for men and women; and the right to healthcare, education, social security, housing and public order.

On the other hand, the President highlighted the need to continue working on solutions to current challenges, like the drought, and address major issues like global warming, the aging of the population, modernization of the State and the technological revolution.

President Piñera reiterated the mission to transform Chile into a developed country free from poverty and with greater equality of opportunity, greater social mobility, more respect and more dignity during this decade.

“We believe in Chile. We will get back onto our powerful flight path. We will not abandon our dreams of building that freer, bigger, fairer country where we, our children, grandchildren and all the generations to come will live,” he concluded.