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NOV. 8, 2020

President Piñera highlights regional integration in meeting with President Duque of Colombia: “We appreciate the support, friendship and collaboration that Colombia and Chile have shared”

President Piñera welcomed the Colombian President to the Presidential Palace of Cerro Castillo where they held a working meeting. The heads of state also addressed issues of cooperation in the development and supply of COVID-19 vaccines, environmental protection and global economic recovery.

The President of the Republic of Colombia, Iván Duque was President Sebastián Piñera’s guest in a working meeting during which they agreed on the importance of strengthening economic regional integration between the Forum for the Progress of South America (PROSUR) and the Pacific Alliance.

The presidents prepared for the upcoming Pacific Alliance and the PROSUR summits to be held in December during which Chile will hand over the Pro Tempore Presidency to Colombia.

Within the platform of the Pacific Alliance, the issues discussed were the need for the continued advancement of free movement of goods and services, the incorporation of Ecuador as a member state and the convergence with MERCOSUR, the South American regional trade bloc.

Meanwhile, within the context of PROSUR, they discussed the importance of further reinforcing this forum of coordination, dialogue and collaboration in the advancement of the more relevant topics affecting the region, such as the management of the COVID-19 pandemic, migration, border security, natural disaster management and economic recovery.

The presidents also discussed the development and distribution of a vaccine against COVID-19 in Latin America, through the COVAX initiative with the World Health Organization, whereby pooled procurement is being coordinated in order to achieve equitable and global access.

“The collaboration reached within the context of PROSUR, and directly with Colombia, in facing the coronavirus pandemic and for cooperation in matters of border security, migration, job recovery and economic recovery, are examples of common actions taken in the spirit of PROSUR and which underpin the close-knit friendship between Colombia and Chile,” said President Sebastián Piñera.   

The heads of state also analyzed the effects of the global recession in Latin America and the necessity of creating new jobs in our region.

Moreover, the topic of environmental protection was also discussed given that Chile and Colombia are committed to sustainable development in compliance with the Paris Agreement.

“It’s been a very good meeting,” said President Piñera who underscored the friendship and collaboration existing between Chile and Colombia.
Foreign Affairs Minister Andrés Allamand and Environment Minister Carolina Schmidt also participated in the meeting.

President Duque was accompanied by his Foreign Minister, Claudia Blum and his Environment Minister, Carlos Eduardo Correa.