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DEC. 30, 2018

President Piñera highlights progress in 2018 and establishes pensions, work and health as priorities for the coming year

The President of Chile highlighted the major national agreements, prioritization of childhood and solid economic growth in 2018. Next year, the Government will focus its efforts on pension reform, jobs and healthcare to improve the living conditions of everyone in Chile.

Speaking on national television last Sunday, President Piñera highlighted the progress made in 2018 on the Five National Agreements: public safety, childhood, comprehensive development, health and peace in La Araucanía region. He also noted progress made on solutions for children, policies to promote gender equality, safe and orderly immigration, and the acceleration of the economy.

The President noted that by the close of 2018, the economy had grown close to 4%, leading the growth among major Latin American countries, with the creation of 140,000 new and better jobs, higher salaries, improved job security and a record-breaking 125,000 new companies.

“With these achievements, we can look toward the future with faith and hope. We can also gain confidence in our mission that within the next 10 to 12 years we will make Chile a developed country, free from poverty; a country where we will all have the opportunity to develop our God-given talents, secure in the knowledge that we can all live dignified lives and no one will be left behind,” said the President in his year-end message to the Chilean people.

The President emphasized that in 2019 efforts will be centered on improving pensions with a focus on the middle class, women, vulnerable groups and non-autonomous senior citizens; updating the tax code to strengthen the capacity to grow, create jobs and invest; and modernizing the labor system to create more and better jobs.

Furthermore, the administration will promote the Middle Class Protection Network to help and support families through difficult periods. Educational access and quality will be improved. The opportunity, quality and dignity of access to healthcare will be promoted through a far-reaching reform aimed at eliminating pre-existing conditions and shortcomings in the current system while continuing to cut wait lists and times, as well as the price of medications.

Finally, the President emphasized the guarantee of universal access to child care and the modernization of the Carabineros (uniformed police) and the Policía de Investigaciones (Investigative police force).

“We’ll continue working to get Chile moving forwards; we’ll keep on building the great, fair and happy Chile that we’ve always dreamed of; the Chile that we want to leave our children, our grandchildren and those that come after us,” said the President.