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President Piñera highlights his administration’s achievements during its first year in office and establishes the priorities for 2019: “We will continue to follow the principles of unity, loyalty and greatness”

The President of Chile, Sebastián Piñera, attended a meeting of the Chile Vamos political coalition to celebrate his administration’s first year in office. He highlighted economic growth and the rise in employment in the country and also underscored progress in favor of children and in combating crime. Priorities for 2019 will focus on strengthening the middle class, improving public security and continuing to promote economic development.

President Sebastián Piñera led a celebration of his administration’s first year in office this Saturday, together with First Lady Cecilia Morel, the chairs and officers of the political parties that make up the Chile Vamos coalition, ministers, undersecretaries, members of parliament, regional governors and mayors.

During the event, the President stressed the importance of continuing to make progress with the Great National Agreements on public safety, childhood, comprehensive development and health. His government has focused on these issues since it took office on March 11, 2018. “First and foremost, on our very first day we took charge of a number of significant emergencies, priorities, needs and concerns that had been ignored or delayed,” said the President.

Furthermore, the President underscored how the Chilean economy has taken off, growing 4% in 2018, more than double the previous year: “We have been able to create more than 140,000 new jobs, providing contracts, stability and access to social security. We far surpassed the previous record of new entrepreneurs, reaching over 130,000. Investment and productivity, which were in decline, have strongly recovered,” he explained.

In his speech, the President addressed the challenges facing the country for 2019, focusing on public safety, protecting the middle class and growing the economy, employment and SMEs.

The President also spoke directly to members of his coalition regarding the future: “We will continue to follow the principles of unity, loyalty and greatness. This is what the people of Chile demand of us and it is what they are expecting of us,” he noted.

The President then reiterated his commitment to promoting gender equality so that men and women will have the same rights, responsibilities and dignity. “The cause championed by Chilean women for greater equality and protection is my cause, as President, and it is the cause of this government and of Chile Vamos,” he declared.

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