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President Piñera highlights G20 progress on trade and combating climate change: “There was an atmosphere of better dialogue and increased goodwill to reach agreement”

The President ended two days of meetings with major world leaders at the leading economic, political and social summit in Buenos Aires.

This Saturday, President Piñera highlighted that the G20 summit had resulted in agreements to promote open trade with clear rules, combat climate change, boost clean, renewable energy sources, foster gender equality and fight corruption.

“There was an atmosphere of better dialogue and increased goodwill to reach agreement. There was also a willingness to move on from words and commitments to action and results,” stated the President after two days of meetings at the G20 Leaders’ Summit in Buenos Aires. While there, he also spoke with the Presidents of the United States, China, Russia, France, and other nations.

During his speech on Saturday, President Piñera called for concrete measures in the fight against climate change. He highlighted Chile’s steps, including modifying the energy grid to favor clean, renewable energy sources and eliminating plastic shopping bags.

“Our generation is the first to suffer the effects of climate change, but it is also the last generation that can do something to prevent this it from becoming a tragedy. We have a tremendous responsibility,” said President Piñera.

He also emphasized the need to make progress with modernizing and strengthening open, fair international free trade with clear rules and goals that are respected by all parties.”

The President arrived in Buenos Aires on Friday to participate in the summit, where he held bilateral meetings with the Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom, India, Italy and the Netherlands, as well as the President of Turkey in order to boost bilateral trade and strengthen collaboration on areas like infrastructure, agriculture, cybersecurity, science and health

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