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DEC. 2, 2021

President Piñera highlights Chile’s solid economic growth to investors: “Our country is a breeding ground for good ideas and a land of opportunities”

In a virtual presentation to investors in London, the President highlighted how Chile’s management of the pandemic and its vaccination plan have led to strong economic recovery. He also emphasized the development of renewable energy sources and initiatives to combat the climate crisis.

Chile’s President, Sebastián Piñera, highlighted on Thursday the country’s strong economic growth, as well as the opportunities that Chile offers. 

The President projected 11% economic and 25% investment growth in 2021. 

“Our country is a breeding ground for good ideas and a land of opportunities,” he said in a presentation to investors in London, at an event called Chile Day. 

Speaking remotely, the President highlighted the strength of Chile’s democratic institutions, the highly-regarded plan to combat the pandemic and provide vaccinations, the boom in non-conventional renewable energies and green hydrogen, and initiatives to combat climate change, such as the commitment to carbon neutrality.