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AUG. 18, 2021

President Piñera highlights Chile’s growth over the second quarter of the year: “It ranks Chile as a leader in economic recovery, in our region and throughout the world.”

According to the Central Bank of Chile’s latest country finances report, Chile is the eighth of 46 OECD countries to recover the same level production it had reached before the pandemic.

This Wednesday, the President of Chile, Sebastián Piñera, highlighted the country’s latest economic growth figures, as reported by the Central Bank in its latest country finances report. 

“The Chilean economy grew by 18.1% during the second quarter, to surpass the levels of activity that we had before the social unrest and the coronavirus pandemic. This growth ranks Chile as a leader in economic recovery, in our region and throughout the world,” the President said. He was accompanied by Finance Minister Rodrigo Cerda and Economy Minister Lucas Palacios. 

Furthermore, investment grew by 24.8% during the second quarter, with an inflow of foreign capital, easily making up for the loss caused by the crisis. 

Nonetheless, President Piñera warned that there is still more to do, such as creating a million new high-quality jobs and continuing to promote economic reactivation. “This requires unity, collaboration, effort and responsibility, which are more necessary than ever in order to move forward successfully into the future,” he explained. 

The President added, “the Social Protection Network, which has mobilized enormous resources to help families, can only be justified and maintained in order to meet extraordinary difficulties, it cannot be permanent. From now, we must return our fiscal policy to normal and recover our macroeconomic equilibrium.” 

“Just as personal care and mass vaccination are our best tools for fighting the coronavirus pandemic, job creation and economic growth are the best tools for ensuring quality of life and permanent development opportunities for Chilean families,” the President concluded.