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OCT. 2, 2020

President Piñera commemorates International Day of Non-Violence: “We can only address today’s problems and tomorrow’s challenges if we are at peace.”

The President led a discussion with victims of violence, reaffirming the government’s commitment to promote the use of peaceful measures to build agreements that will allow all positions to coexist in Chile in the coming years.

President Piñera met with a small group of people who have suffered the effects of the country’s social unrest as well as survivors of gender violence. During an activity held in Santiago’s Tibet Garden, President Piñera heard testimonies and reflected on the symbolic value of commemorating another anniversary of a date that reminds us of the importance of valuing peaceful processes in order to benefit democratic coexistence.

Violence only creates more violence, just as hatred only creates more hatred. And when violence and hatred come together -as we have seen in our country-, the ones who suffer, the ones who feel the pain, anguish and frustration are all of our compatriots, and very especially those who are most vulnerable,” the President said during a ceremony in which he was accompanied by Minister Secretary General of Government Jaime Bellolio.  

During the event, the President issued a call to root out all types of violence from Chilean society in order to “address today’s problems and tomorrow’s challenges from a place of peace.”

Non-violence is not indifference, passivity or submission. It means fighting for our ideals, ideas and visions through peaceful means to ensure that all positions and opinions can coexist in peace,” the President said.

International Day of Non-Violence is commemorated every year on October 2, the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, the leader of India’s independence movement and a pioneer in pacifist philosophy.