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AUG. 23, 2021

President Piñera announces production of the first molecule of green hydrogen in Chile: "Today we are taking a new step forward in producing clean energy, protecting nature and fighting climate change"

It is a historic milestone in the country’s progress in developing clean energy and decarbonizing its energy matrix. It will also bring the green hydrogen industry into mining.

This Monday, the President of Chile, Sebastián Piñera, announced production of the country’s first green hydrogen molecule. 

The hydrogeneration process will produce green hydrogen using water and electricity, generated by a photovoltaic plant located in the municipality of Colina. The water will pass through a demineralization process, emissions from which will be used to power an electrolyzer. The primary product of water electrolysis in this plant will be hydrogen; the secondary product, oxygen, will be returned to the atmosphere. 

“Chile has huge potential to become a world leader in green hydrogen production,” the President stated during an event in Colina, where he was accompanied by Minister Juan Carlos Jobet who is responsible for both the Energy and Mining portfolios. 

The goal is to develop an industry capable of exporting more than US$30 million per year, a level close to Chile’s current copper exports. 

Green hydrogen (H2V) offers a number of benefits as a clean and sustainable energy vector for Chile’s mining industry; for example, in reducing diesel consumption. 

“This is a clean, transportable, competitive and sustainable fuel that will allow us to greatly reduce CO2 emissions,” the President explained. 

“We are fulfilling our promise to combat the climate crisis and achieve inclusive and sustainable development for Chile, which will involve all our fellow citizens and protect our environment for future generations,” the President concluded.