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NOV. 10, 2022

President Gabriel Boric participates in the delivery of more than 230 vehicles to strengthen the work of Carabineros

The vehicles include 146 radio patrol cars and 90 SUVs, which are part of a plan to recover and renew a total of 704 machines. 

President Gabriel Boric participated in the ceremony to deliver 236 vehicles to Carabineros de Chile (Uniformed police service), thus fulfilling the mandate to provide greater security to the Chilean people. 

The renewal of vehicles is part of a plan to recover 704 of the institution’s machines. It included delivery of 146 radio patrol cars and 90 4x4 SUVs, which will be made available to the police in 15 of Chile’s regions. 

The high-standard cars will have front and rear cameras, a key feature to be able to provide better evidence to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, as well as dissuasive elements to those who carry out attacks. 

President Gabriel Boric stated that “to fulfil the task of security, Carabineros de Chile need adequate tools. Imagine, any company that had 40% of its tools out of use would not be able to do its job. And this is the reality that Carabineros faced at the start of the year when we took over the government.” 

He emphasized, “that is why we are working together, in the country’s budget, in conversations with the Political Committee, in permanent dialogue with Undersecretary Vergara and Undersecretary Monsalve, in coordinated work with the regional governments led by Patricio Vallespín, with the country’s mayors led by Mayor Leitao, to provide our Carabineros with the tools they need to fight crime.” 

The President highlighted that “these 236 vehicles that we are delivering to the service today are so important for precisely that reason, because they are going to strengthen police work in 15 of the country’s regions. But this clear example that we are making – the image seems to me to be a powerful one – is not the only thing. We have spoken with the general, and in late November and during December about 450 more vehicles will arrive.” 

Lastly, the President stated that “each Carabineros station needs police vehicles, and that is why our commitment is to renew the entire Carabineros vehicle fleet during our period of government, which ends in 2026. To do this, we have included in the 2023 Budget an increase of $25 billion Chilean pesos (US$28.3 million) for Carabineros and the purchase of 1,054 police vehicles. We are taking charge.”