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APRIL 4, 2022

President Gabriel Boric in Argentina: “Latin America must reclaim its common voice”

The President of Chile issues a joint statement with Argentinean President Alberto Fernández to the Chilean and Argentinean press.

After signing various Memoranda of Understanding together with President Alberto Fernández and other Argentinean government officials, Chilean President Gabriel Boric spoke about Chilean expectations regarding the relationship between the two countries and the role of Latin America.

During the event held at the Bicentennial Museum in the Casa Rosada, President Boric said: “I definitely want to begin by thanking Alberto, President Fernández and his administration for the welcome I --as well as my entourage, which is quite substantial-- have received on this State visit, which I have made with cabinet ministers in order to strengthen relations with our close neighbor Argentina. Also participating in the visit is the Judicial Branch, represented by the president of the Supreme Court, as well as the presidents of both legislative chambers, the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, along with members of Congress from both the government and the opposition. Because in matters of State, policies have to rise above whomever holds the leadership of the country at any given time. The brotherhood between the peoples of Chile and Argentina has to take precedence over the predilections of one president or another.”

“We are also accompanied by a delegation of business people from a wide variety of areas who will be working in a business forum together with their Argentinean counterparts in order to deepen trade relations with your country. I have no doubt that there are tremendous opportunities for continued investment, for the continued development of economic issues,” added President Boric. 

Regarding the role of Latin America, the President of Chile said: “I want to say very clearly and strongly that Chile is rooted in Latin America and that even if for many years we have been looking in other directions, whether to the north or towards the Pacific, relationships which we aim to maintain and strengthen, our foundation lies in Latin America. Chileans are a Latin American people and based on these roots we will forge community, we will strengthen the region, cooperation and internationalism.”

“Latin America has to reclaim its common voice, a voice of cooperation, a single voice on the global stage. If we continue down separate paths, we will sink alone, but we can save ourselves if we are together,” remarked the Chilean President. He also stressed that “the climate crisis has nothing to do with national borders. The immigration crises or migration phenomena that are currently wreaking havoc on the world and our continent are something that we must work together to address.”

“I want to reiterate my commitment as President of Chile, and that of my administration, as well as my belief in the brotherhood of our peoples, that with unity and hard work we can improve the quality of life for those we represent. I am the President of all Chileans, regardless of where they are on the political spectrum, and I have absolutely no doubt that those in our country will be grateful for and benefit from better relations with our close friend the Republic of Argentina. So, President Alberto Fernández, you have an ally here, a fellow accomplice in this battle against inequality, in this battle for a more just world, with dignity for every man and woman,” concluded the Chilean President. 

Source: Prensa Presidencia