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NOV. 24, 2022

President Boric on first day in Mexico: “We have agreed on different joint actions to promote regional multilateralism”

The President met with Mexican businesspersons, laid a floral offering at the Altar de la Patria alongside Irina Karamanos, and held a bilateral meeting with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador at the National Palace. 

Chile’s President, Gabriel Boric Font, began the first day of his official working visit to the United Mexican States by meeting with businesspersons from the country. 

The breakfast meeting was also attended by Foreign Affairs Minister Antonia Urrejola, Economy Minister Nicolás Grau, and Chile’s Ambassador to Mexico, Beatriz Sánchez, as well as the delegation of politicians attending the Summit of the Pacific Alliance. 

During the meeting, the President called on businesses to invest in Chile, so that the country can continue to learn from the experience of Mexico in different areas of the economy and tourism. 

“We talked about how to improve our commercial ties and how these ties can allow us to ensure our food sovereignty, how they can allow us to diversify our investment portfolio, how they can allow us to improve productive chains, to learn from the experience of Mexico in this area, and how they can allow Mexico to diversify their imports and exports with the global south,” the President explained. 

After the meeting, President Gabriel Boric Font and the sociocultural coordinator of the Presidency, Irina Karamanos, traveled to Chapultepec Park in Mexico City, where they laid a floral offering at the Altar de la Patria. 

The day ended with a welcome ceremony that Mexico’s President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, held for President Boric in the National Palace. While there, they held a bilateral meeting, followed by an extended meeting in which Chilean and Mexican authorities participated. 

Both presidents made a joint statement following the meetings. President Boric thanked his Mexican counterpart, stating that “for us as Chileans, Mexico is a very significant country with which we have experienced the value of solidarity and reciprocal learning on different occasions throughout our history.” 

The President also recalled that “this year marks 100 years since Gabriela Mistral came here, invited by José Vasconcelos to lead part of the educational reform in Mexico’s most neglected rural sectors. It is an experience that continues to be remembered in Mexico to this day, and it is also deeply valuable to our country.” 

With regard to the meetings held at the National Palace, he said that, together with President López Obrador, “we have agreed on different joint actions to promote regional and hemispheric multilateralism, as well as to update our agreement of cooperation and understanding, which had not been met or updated since 2015.”