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NOV. 20, 2023

New railway station inaugurated in Padre Las Casas

The service will generate significant time savings and provide a first-class service. 

Railway coverage continues to expand throughout Chile! Transport authorities have inaugurated a new train station in Padre Las Casas, which will connect the municipality with Temuco in just six minutes. 

The new station will benefit 80,000 people, who will save up to 19 minutes in transport times. This will undoubtedly improve their quality of life. 

According to Transport Minister Juan Carlos Muñoz, the station space is up to the standards that people deserve. It was made possible thanks to a $297-million-peso investment (US$341,658). 

New service to Padre Las Casas

  • Capacity per train: 450 people.  
  • Frequency: Monday to Friday, with 15 departures per day. 
  • Schedules: Temuco to Padre Las Casas with seven departures:  08:41-13:10-13:30-13:50-17:20-18:00-20:15. Padre Las Casas to Temuco with eight departures: 7:38-08:50-13:20-13:40-15:08-17:30-19:18-21:33
  • The current train station is located 200 meters south of one of the municipality’s main intersections. It connects with the public transport system at stops located at the intersection of Villa Alegre and Coñoepan Avenue, and another on Guido Beck de Ramberga Avenue, on the other side of the railway line.