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JUNE 2, 2022

Ministers Vallejo and Jara award “40 Hour Seal” to companies that have reduced their working day

The authorities have announced the design, operation and deadlines of the technical groups that will work to fulfil one of the main commitments of President Boric’s government program. 

Labor and Social Security Minister Jeanette Jara and Minister Secretary General of the Government Camila Vallejo today launched the “40 Hour Seal”, which recognizes the companies that have committed to reducing their working day from 45 to 40 hours.

At the launch, they highlighted Cooperativa Detacoop, Caja Los Andes and First Job, who have taken on the challenge of reducing working hours to improve the quality of life of their workers and their right to free time.

The “40 Hour Seal” was published this Wednesday in the Official Gazette. Companies of any size and category can apply for this promotional, free certification by filling out an electronic form, available at www.mintrab.gob.cl.

Companies that have contracted at least 80% of their workers to an ordinary working day that does not exceed 40 hours or fall below 30 hours a week, in accordance with Labor Code regulations, can apply for the seal.

Additionally, they must not have been convicted of violating the fundamental rights established in paragraph six, Chapter II, Title I, Book V of the Labor Code. They must also be up to date with social security contribution payments for their workers. 

Companies may use this certification to promote activities related to job creation, better working conditions, social protection, rights at work and social dialogue.

Technical group

The reduction of the working day is one of the main commitments of President Gabriel Boric’s government program, which will be carried out responsibly and gradually, while also contributing to the growth of the country’s economy.

To carry out this initiative, the authorities have announced that a technical group will be implemented on June 12, which will hold hearings to hear proposals and contributions on the reduction of the working day.

Workers and unions from various sectors of the economy, companies, civil society organizations, academics, experts, think tanks and international organizations will participate in the technical group.

Based on the conclusions of this pre-legislative work, the government will have feedback that will allow it to generate a responsible reform in accordance with good living principles. It will then be sent to Congress, and integrated with the information obtained from the processing of the project in the Chamber of Deputies.

The work of the technical group will consist of a system of hearings. For the hearings to take place, a website will be set up that can be accessed via a link on the Labor Ministry page at www.mintrab.gob.cl. http://www.mintrab.gob.cl

It will contain the deadlines associated with the operation of the technical group, enable interested organizations to register to participate in the hearings, allow background information to be downloaded that will serve as the basis for discussion, and facilitate a space for proposals so that anyone who wishes can submit working documents.

Nine technical group sessions will be held in the Metropolitan Region between June 13 and 24. At the same time, at least one hearing will be held in each of Chile’s other regions, taking into consideration that working hours vary according to the different economic sectors in each of them.