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OCT. 7, 2020

Minister Prokurica said that mining “will play a key role in post-pandemic economic and social recovery”

The Minister participated in a webinar organized by Expomin in anticipation of the virtual fair and congress to be held in November this year. Mining Minister Baldo Prokurica said that mining will be a fundamental pillar in Chile’s economic and social recovery.

We are convinced that the mining sector will play a key role in supporting Chile’s post-pandemic economic and social recovery. I would like to take this opportunity to reiterate my call to support mining initiatives throughout the country, in order to expand and improve mining and provide many Chilean families with hope and opportunities during this stage, which will be extraordinarily hard and complex,” said the Minister during a webinar organized by Expomin.

This is an earlier event prior to the virtual fair and congress that Expomin will hold in November this year, in preparation for the main event from April 19 to 23, 2021.

Minister Prokurica highlighted the fact that mining has not been idle during these difficult months in Chile under the the pandemic. In fact it has even produced positive figures, unlike other sectors of the economy. For example, the monthly index of economic activity for the mining sector (mining Imacec) grew by 2.4% between January and August 2020, while the non-mining Imacec fell by 9%.

The Mining Minister called on participants to think about future challenges and to position Chile as “an exporter of mining services. Because this is a mining country, and the quality and experience of these services has become sufficiently competitive to diversify and strengthen our exports. For example, in Peru 20% of companies providing services to Peruvian mining companies are Chilean.”

Finally, the Minister congratulated the Expomin organizers for arranging the event and noted that these fairs “are showcases where mining suppliers can demonstrate and promote new technologies, services or formulas that will secure a safer, more sustainable and community-friendly mining industry.