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MARCH 18, 2015

Minister Eyzaguirre on Congressional approval of the Teachers’ Pension Incentive Bill: “reform is progressing, with public education at the forefront”

Around 10,000 public sector teachers will benefit from the bill, which was unanimously approved by Congress this week and can now be enacted into law.

Congress has unanimously approved the Teachers’ Pension Incentive Bill, which will provide public sector teachers with a pension payment of up to $21,500,000 pesos (US$34,000) dependent on length of service and number of hours worked. The bill can now be enacted into law.

After the Senate’s vote, the Education Minister, Nicolás Eyzaguirre, commented that this is “a huge relief for more than 10,000 families, who are set to benefit from this fair and fitting resolution”. Similarly, he highlighted that this “is this administration’s sixth Education Ministry bill to be fully approved by Congress; three remain from this first phase. We therefore feel that reform is progressing, with public education at the forefront.”

The Teachers’ Pension Incentive Plan resulted from an agreement between the Education Ministry and the teaching union, the Colegio de Profesores, as part of the “Short Agenda”. The purpose of the bill is to provide better pensions for public sector teachers reaching retirement age.

Minister Eyzaguirre also referred to the National Policy for Teachers, which will soon be sent to Congress and will provide “better working conditions for teachers right throughout their careers.”