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DEC. 23, 2019

Family Assistance Bonus provided to some 1.5 million families

President Piñera and the First Lady spent time with three beneficiary families from the Santiago districts of San Miguel, Conchalí and Estación Central. Over 1.5 million households began receiving the benefit this Friday in their Banco Estado CuentaRut accounts.

President Sebastián Piñera spent time with three families benefiting from the Family Assistance Bonus. He was accompanied by First Lady Cecilia Morel, Social Development and Family Minister Sebastián Sichel, Labor Minister María José Zaldívar, Minister Secretary General of the Government Karla Rubilar, and Women and Gender Equity Minister Isabel Plá.

At the event, the President highlighted that “almost five million people have received this extraordinary bonus, consisting of 50,000 Chilean pesos (around US$67) for each dependent family member. We know that the bonus does not solve every problem. If we tried to do that, we would never do anything. However, I am sure that it provides aid, relief and resources that so many struggling Chilean families deserve, so we are happy for those 1.5 million families that will benefit.”

This benefit consists of a one-time payment and will go to families meeting the requirements for receiving the Permanent Family Assistance payment as of September 30, 2019.

Three groups of people are eligible for the Family Assistance Bonus: those entitled to payment of the Family or Maternal Allowance will receive 50,000 Chilean pesos per dependent; beneficiaries of the Family Subsidy (SUF) will receive 50,000 Chilean pesos per person and those belonging to the Security and Opportunities Subsystem will receive a bonus of 50,000 Chilean pesos per family.

The Social Development and Family Minister commented, “today, 88% of the beneficiary families have already received their bonus. We know it is not enough, but we are trying to focus the provision of benefits so they reach the most vulnerable families in Chile.”

The Family Assistance Bonus was implemented to help Chile's poorest families. It began to be paid into BancoEstado Cuenta Rut (debit) accounts on December 20. Beneficiaries who do not have CuentaRut accounts will be paid in person through the BancoEstado network, including ServiEstado locations.