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MARCH 12, 2020

Expomin and government officials announce postponement of mining event

The event will be held in the coming months. Organizers are tentatively aiming for the last quarter of this year and are expected to confirm the date shortly.

Due to the rapid global spread of COVID-19 and the World Health Organization (WHO) decision to declare it a pandemic, and in line with the recommendations issued by both local and international authorities, organizers have decided to postpone the EXPOMIN mining trade fair, which was initially scheduled to take place April 20-24 at the Espacio Riesco events center.
Given the aforementioned circumstances, officials hope to hold the event in the coming months and are tentatively aiming for the last quarter of this year. They are expected to confirm the date shortly.
Mining Minister Baldo Prokurica commented on the decision to postpone the Expomin trade fair, explaining that it "is the result of the situation that the world now finds itself in with respect to Coronavirus." He also stated, “We support the decision of the EXPOMIN International Congress Board to postpone this important event to protect the health of Chilean citizens, those who participate in the trade fair, and our main capital in the mining sector, which is people.” He added, "For this reason, we prefer to avoid the cases of infection that can be caused by a large public event."
"Expomin 2020 brings together international powers such as the United States, China, Germany, Canada, Spain, Australia, South Korea and Japan. We must also consider the impact that Coronavirus has had on other countries, including the postponement of athletic and musical events and the closing of borders in some cases. This means that we need to find a new date that allows for greater inclusion of participating international delegations during 2020,” the Minister noted.
According to Expomin Manager Francisco Sotomayor, “As an organization, we want to restate our commitment to the mining sector, which is one of the most important in our country. We are calling on everyone to join forces to launch a new edition of this event, which we know is a Latin American showcase that contributes to economic development and employment in our country."
Sotomayor stated, "Although we are facing a difficult moment today as a sector, we have decided to change the date so that we do not forfeit this important opportunity to promote business and development."
He also explained that as organizers, "We are looking for the best date possible for the event with the support of the government, our strategic partners in the mining sector, exhibitors, patrons and sponsors."
For his part, Expomin President Francisco Costabal said, “Human health is of utmost importance to mining companies. We must project all the ways we act in our operations onto the community. We therefore sincerely support the decision to avoid infections and keep this virus as far away as possible. The postponement of Expomin is not what we wished for, but given the current situation it is what must be done for the people who make up this sector.”