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NOV. 30, 2021

Chile ranks as world’s second-best economy to live in during the pandemic

According to Bloomberg’s Covid Resilience Ranking, the government’s good economic and public health management helped our country move up six places in relation to the previous study.

Chile still leads global rankings when it comes to the government’s health crisis management. As Bloomberg’s Covid Resilience Ranking shows, our country ranks second in the world, just below the United Arab Emirates and above Finland, Ireland and Spain, the countries that hold the first five places. 

These good results can largely be explained by the outstanding vaccine roll out led by the government, as well as the important economic support measures implemented, such as the Plan Paso a Paso Chile se Recupera (Chile Recovers Step-by-Step Plan), which has provided employment subsidies and supported SMEs, as well as the Emergency Family Income (IFE) given to Chilean families. 

According to the results of the 12th Covid Resilience Ranking, in November our country rose six places compared to the previous ranking and reached second place among 53 economies. 

The ranking is designed using a compilation of 12 data indicators, which include virus containment, the quality of medical attention, vaccination coverage, general mortality and progress in reactivating travel. 

It is worth highlighting that our country leads the world indicator of vaccine doses per 100 inhabitants, reaching 211.6. Chile is followed in South America by Colombia, in 14th place, Argentina (23), Brazil (29) and Peru (38). 

Bloomberg emphasized that both Chile and Finland “boast high vaccination rates and are opening up to visitors, with a strong economic recovery expected in Chile, in particular as it enters its summer period. While Finland’s infections are also rising like the rest of Europe, its winter outbreak is still relatively small.” 

It also says that the Omicron variant “has landed at an inopportune time for the northern hemisphere, as colder weather sends people indoors, fueling caseloads and triggering fresh restrictions in some places.” 

According to the Covid Resilience Ranking, the top ten places are: 

1. United Arab Emirates (73.2)

2. Chile (72.6)

3. Finland (71.3)

4. Ireland (71.2)

5. Spain (70.9)

6. Turkey (70.3)

7. Canada (68.7)

8. Sweden (68.2)

9. France (68)

10. Denmark (67.9)