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Ministry of Women and Gender Equity

This ministry’s mission is to create policies, plans and programs that benefit women and work toward eliminating all types of gender discrimination, making Chile a more equitable country. This institution has taken over from the National Women’s Service (Sernam), which was set up through Law No. 19.023, published on January 3, 1991, to promote equality of opportunity for men and women.

Macarena Santelices

Women and Gender Equity Minister

Macarena Santelices is a journalist with a degree in Communication Sciences from the Universidad Viña del Mar and a master’s degree in Communications from the Universidad de Alcalá Henares.

She has had a distinguished career as a journalist and television panelist, having worked for the following television channels: UCV Television, La Red, Mega and Canal 13.

In 2008, she ran for Councilwoman for Olmué and received the highest majority of votes in the municipality. She was the Mayor of Olmué from 2012 until 2019 and also served as the National Vice President for the Chilean Association of Municipalities. 

Carolina Cuevas


In 2017, Ms. Cuevas served as researcher at the Center of Experiences and Service at the Business School of Universidad Adolfo Ibañez (CES UAI), and guest teacher at the Corporate Development Center of the same university. She also was deputy chair of the board of RedMad, Mujeres en Alta Dirección, a nonprofit corporation that aims to add value to public and private organizations by incorporating female talent in senior management.

Ms. Cuevas has more than 20 years’ experience in executive positions in financial service companies (banks, pension fund administrator and affiliates). She has served in the departments of quality and customer experience, management models, product development, risk, financial consultancy, commercial network management, management control, and price intelligence. She was a reviewer of the Chilean Model of Excellence.

Ms. Cuevas formed part of the team that programmed the government agenda of President Piñera 2018-2022, as member of the Women’s Committee.

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