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Ministry of Public Works

This ministry’s mission is to recover, strengthen and make progress with the provision and administration of infrastructure works and services for connectivity, protection of territory and persons, public buildings and optimal use of water resources. It ensures provision and care of water resources and the environment in order to contribute to economic, social and cultural development, promoting equity, quality of life and equality of opportunity for people.

Alfredo Moreno

Public Works Ministry

Moreno holds a degree in Civil Industrial Engineering from Universidad Católica and an MBA from the University of Chicago. The latter institution presented him with the award for Distinguished Alumnus in Public Service in 2014. He served as a professor in the Universidad Católica School of Management, the President of Fundación Teletón and ICARE, Vice President of Fundación Paz Ciudadana and the National Childhood Trust, and a Board member for Universidad del Desarrollo, Teatro Municipal and the Foundation for Freedom and Development. He is a member of the Group of Fifty (United States).

In 2010, as part of President Piñera’s first term, he was appointed Foreign Affairs Minister and served in that capacity until March 11, 2014. In late 2012, he was responsible for coordinating Chile’s defense in the International Court of Justice regarding the dispute over the maritime border with Peru. He also was responsible for Chile’s participation in the Visa Waiver Program and the Pacific Alliance.

After serving in the government, he joined the board of Fundación Avanza Chile and of several companies and was elected became President of the Production and Trade Federation (CPC), leading the initiative “3xi Inspire, Include, Innovate,” a consortium in which the Organization of Communities of Solidarity, Empresas B, the Chilean Entrepreneurs’ Association (Asech) and the Chilean Innovators’ Network participate. In the context of 3xi, he has led a set of social initiatives such as the end of the waiting list for cataracts and a program to support efforts to modernize the National Service for Minors.   

In March 2017, he became the President of the Production and Trade Federation (CPC) and then left that position to serve as Social Development Minister under President Piñera beginning March 11, 2018.

That same year, he received the Icare Award for his noteworthy contribution to social dialogue and national unity through his work in the public and private spheres. As Social Development Minister, beginning in March 2018 he promoted the government’s main social agenda, which included the Agreement for Childhood, the Agreement for Peace in Araucanía, the Protected Middle Class Network and the National Commitment.

He is married to Ana María Echeverría, and they are the parents of four children.

Cristóbal Leturia

Public Works Undersecretary

Mr. Leturia holds a degree in Civil Industrial Engineering from Universidad de Chile and a master’s in Public Policies from Universidad del Desarrollo.

Prior to his appointment as Public Works Undersecretary in November 2019, he served as general manager of the Technical Cooperation Service (SERCOTEC).