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Ministry of Agriculture

The Agriculture Ministry aims to reduce social inequality by strengthening and expanding the scope of development instruments, giving priority to small-scale and family farming. The ministry is also responsible for contributing to adding value to agriculture, which includes promoting an agrarian economy based on technology and innovation as well as furthering the elements that maximize productivity and competition in agriculture, namely the quality, innocuity and healthiness of agricultural products. At the same time, safeguarding rural workers, our communities, our culture and our natural resources is a top priority of development.

Antonio Walker


Mr. Walker studied Agriculture at the technical and professional institute Inacap and was a Fruit Science Major at the California Polytechnic State University in the United States. An agricultural entrepreneur, for 30 years he has focused his efforts on developing modern, export-quality fruit growing with a vision of sustainability.

During his career, he has been a trade association leader, assuming the roles of Deputy Chairman of fruit industry trade association Federación Nacional de Productores de Fruta de Chile (Fedefruta), Director of farmers’ association Sociedad Nacional de Agricultura (SNA), and also serving as a member of the Productivity Committee of the Confederation of Production and Commerce (CPC).

Mr. Walker was a founder and member of the Corporación Pomanova (a group of agronomists) and also of the Technology Transfer Group. He was Chairman of Maule region’s association of fruit producers Asociación Gremial de Productores de Fruta de la Región del Maule (FruSéptima).

Mr. Walker is married to Andrea Lecaros Vergara and together they have six children.

José Ignacio Pinochet

Subsecretario de Agricultura

Abogado de la Universidad de Chile. Especialista en derecho ambiental, posee una larga trayectoria en materias sociales y medioambientales.

Fue director ejecutivo de la Fiscalía del Medio Ambiente por diez años, profesor e investigador en temas ambientales y en el periodo 2010 – 2014, fue Director Nacional de la División de Organizaciones Sociales y Secretario Regional Ministerial del Medio Ambiente en la Región Metropolitana.

Hasta antes de su nombramiento ejercía como asesor en medio ambiente en la Intendencia Metropolitana y privadamente, en Cisternas y Cía, y en Ears Chile.

Es casado y padre de dos hijos.