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November 17, 2017

Law passed today to create National Public Education System, a key step in the Education Reform

Under the new system, public education managed by municipalities will gradually be taken over by local education services. In other words, it will once again be managed by the State.

On October 3, the Senate unanimously approved the bill that creates the National Public Education System, which includes the creation of 70 local public education services throughout the country in order to strengthen primary and secondary schools.

Public education will thus gradually cease to be managed by the municipalities and will once again be managed by the State. The goal is to provide decentralized local services with resources, opportunities and staffing so that public education meets the necessary quality standards for all of the country’s children and young people.

The law provides for the creation of 70 Local Public Education Services nationwide, which are designed to ensure the quality of all types of education at all levels, provide technical teaching support, promote collaborative work and participation, and manage human, financial and material resources.

What does the new Public Education System involve?

  • It establishes that all children, young people and adults in every community in Chile will be educated in learning environments that promote their development as complete people and subjects of rights of the country that we all dream of.
  • It provides for an institutional structure composed of the Ministry of Education, a Public Education Directorate and Local Education Services. The latter will be created by a Local Education Council with the participation of teachers, education assistants, students, parents and guardians, and institutions of higher learning as well as a Local Leadership Board representing parents’ organizations, the municipal government and the regional government.

What are the other priorities of the National Public Education System?

  • All public schools must have as their sole purpose the improvement of the quality of education. They will be provided with support in the form of human, financial and specialized pedagogical resources that ensure the implementation of relevant educational development strategies.
  • An institutional government structure will be established that handles the education of the country’s children, adolescents and adults with a special emphasis on technical-pedagogical support and accompaniment.
  • It creates a public education system that provides guarantees for participation and transparency.

To learn more about the key points of the new national system, visit the Ministry of Education’s Public Education website.

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