March 11, 2014

The 50 measures for the first hundred days of the government

“The contribution and commitment of every person is more necessary than ever. I invite you not only to read these proposals, that of course represent a very ambitious work we have ahead, but also to make your own this beautiful and complex challenge of building in each home, in each town and city, a Chile for everybody,” President Michelle Bachelet.

Today Chile begins a new phase that also comes with a great challenge: the historic opportunity to make our country one that is more inclusive, just, and developed. It is our commitment and the time has come. For this reason, we are delivering 50 measures that shall be put into operation during the first one hundred days of the new government.

These 50 measures represent a large-scale project: we believe that big transformations can be carried out with governability. We believe in quality State funded education that is acknowledged as a right for all citizens. We believe in appropriate and better quality health care. We believe in safer and friendlier neighborhoods, with fair working relationships and where diversity is embraced as a sign of the richness of our society.

We believe in and we want a country where all its inhabitants are part of the progress and development it has achieved. That moment starts today. The 50 measures are already in progress.

Check the 50 measures here.